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Intercity Bus Station - City of Patras, Greece

Supervisor Architect : Ioannis Pantazopoulos

Year: 2007-2008

­­­The location of the new intercity bus station will

be one of the important transport junctions in the future

in respect of works to be done in the city of Patras.


The station will be linked to the ring road,

the new port of Patras on Dymaion coast,

the railway station, tram and urban transport

thus serves the principle of combined transport.


­­­The main objective of this work is to create a shell adapted to the trends of modern architecture, a volume of simple geometric form with the direct aim of showcasing the buildings that already exist on the plot and in harmonious coexistence with the wider region that surrounds the plot but also to meet the needs of people who use it.

This new station consists of a main rectangular volume and secondary smaller volumes serving either visitors - travelers or employees.

3D renders

plans - sections - side views

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